Jun 8, 2023

Exploring The Intersection of Women in Web3 and Blockchain Through the Lense of Business and Law

Bin Sevan Advocates and Legal consultants was pleased to host on the 8th of June at the Ritz Carlton DIFC, a panel discussion in collaboration with LexisNexis on the Intersection of Women in Web3 and Blockchain, through the Lens Business and Law. The panel aimed to explore the challenges and opportunities of blockchain and Web3, examining their implications for both business and law. In particular, the focus of the discussion revolved around the unique challenges and opportunities encountered by women in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Henzie Healley, Managing Partner at TCS, was the moderator for the panel discussion and demonstrated exceptional skills in facilitating the conversation. Her extensive knowledge of the topic, combined with her expertise in moderating, ensured a productive and engaging discussion among the panellists.

The panel consisted of esteemed experts in their respective fields. Hafidh Thani, Managing Partner at Mahmood Hussain Law Firm, Sarah Malik, FCIArb SOL International Ltd, Kokila Alagh, Founder at KARM Legal Consultants, and Sarah Haddadi, Head of Rule of Law Business at LexisNexis, brought their diverse expertise and perspectives to the discussion. With their wealth of knowledge and experience, they provided valuable insights into the subject. Their collective expertise enriched the panel discussion and offered attendees a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

In the opening statements, Zeina Mouannes, Partner and Head of Corporate Department at Bin Sevan Law Firm, addressed the audience, introducing the topic at hand. She set the stage for the discussion on women's involvement in the tech space, specifically in Web3 and Blockchain.

Following Zeina's opening statement, Firas Al Shoufi, Founder and Managing Partner of Bin Sevan Advocates & Legal Consultants, welcomed the attendees and expressed his gratitude for their presence. He took the opportunity to introduce interesting key takeaways about the Intersection of Women in Web3 and Blockchain through the Lens of Business and Law. Firas emphasized the significance of exploring this intersection and its potential for driving innovation, inclusivity, and gender equality in the tech industry. His insights set the stage for an engaging and enlightening panel discussion.

Zeina then introduced Bin Sevan’s Advocates & Legal Consultants Metaverse Environment to the attendees. This virtual platform aims to create inter alia a collaborative space for knowledge sharing and networking among professionals interested in Web3 and blockchain technologies.

Hafidh Thani shared UAE-specific experiences regarding women's involvement in the tech space, particularly in relation to Web3 and blockchain. Hafidh highlighted the progress, challenges, and opportunities specific to the UAE context.

Sarah Malik provided insights on how women entrepreneurs and professionals within the Web3 community could collaborate and build networks to foster innovation and facilitate growth. She emphasized the importance of creating supportive environments and leveraging existing resources and platforms.
Kokila Alagh delivered an insightful overview of Web3 and blockchain, skilfully differentiating between the two. With her exceptional knowledge and expertise in this subject, Kokila provided a clear understanding of the concepts to the audience. Her articulate presentation and deep understanding of Web3 and blockchain technology were highly appreciated by attendees, making her a valuable contributor to the panel discussion.

Sarah Haddadi provided a comprehensive definition of the Rule of Law and elaborated on its relevance to the intersection of women in Web3 and Blockchain. Sarah Haddadi further explained how the Rule of Law applies to the topic at hand. She highlighted that in the context of Web3 and Blockchain, adherence to legal frameworks and regulations is crucial to ensure transparency, security, and trust in these emerging technologies. 

The panel’s discussed the importance of gender equality in the tech space and its impact on women's participation in Web3 and Blockchain and shared insights on the skills and knowledge women can develop to succeed in Web3-enabled businesses and legal practices. They highlighted the transformative potential of Web3 and blockchain technologies in various aspects of everyday life.
Attendees gained practical advice on entering the Web3 and blockchain space and developing related technologies.

The panel discussion was followed by an engaging workshop where attendees had the opportunity to delve deeper into various subjects related to blockchain and Web3. The workshop was facilitated by solicitors Sabrina Schamell Managing Partner at HS and Partners LTD, Maria Xenofontos Founder of Femic Consultancy, and Wessam Shehieb Chief Technology Officer at Analytica, who expertly handled different topics within the realm of blockchain and Web3. Their in-depth knowledge and practical insights provided attendees with valuable guidance and further enriched their understanding of these technologies.