We assist clients with the following:


Set-up and Structuring

We advise clients on setting up and/or structuring and assist with implementing the same (including but not limited to, Free Zone licenses and working closely with all regulatory bodies (like ADGM, DIFC and VARA) for necessary regulatory approvals).


Blockchain Integration

TCS Legal Consultancy provides guidance on the legal aspects of integrating blockchain technology into existing business operations or developing new blockchain-based products and services.


Legal and Compliance

Whether its shareholders agreements, terms and conditions or compliance policies, TCS has you covered. We are able to provide all of the necessary documents for regulatory body licensing (including but not limited to ADGM and VARA) and additional documents for each company’s requirements. 



We support building a successful and clear strategy that includes in-depth analysis of the project's goals, identifying target users, defining value propositions, selecting appropriate blockchain technology, creating engaging user experiences, cultivating community involvement and a comprehensive business plan for successful implementation.


Tech Support

Our technology support services for web3 projects offer expert guidance and assistance with blockchain technology, smart contract development, and security auditing to ensure successful implementation and optimal performance.


Community building

We help you to build your community, we focus on fostering active engagement, building relationships, and creating a supportive community through social media, forums, events, and other channels to drive adoption and growth.


Access to liquidity

TCS provides strategic guidance and support for token economics, token distribution, liquidity pool creation, access to market makers and other tactics to improve liquidity and foster trading.


Markets access

Expertise in navigating cryptocurrency exchanges, accessing emerging markets operational network, developing effective strategies, and driving adoption to increase visibility and access.


Intellectual Property

The tech, data and intellectual property behind a project are some of a business’ most valuable assets. The team at TCS can help ensure these are protected. 

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At TCS Legal Consultancy, our commitment to excellence, combined with our industry-specific expertise and emphasis on crypto and digital assets, ensures that we deliver effective and personalized legal solutions for all of our clients. With our comprehensive legal support, we empower businesses to navigate the complexities of the modern business environment, ensuring their legal interests are always protected.